Sonja Klopčič, author

About the author

I provide the impetus for change and pave new ways by seeking fairness for all. I am interested in people, their potential, and developing new strategies and business models for creative, successful, and effective work.

I have gained valuable experience in a variety of organizations at different stages of their life cycles, from inception, rapid growth, and transformation, to crisis and even resurgence; I have also experienced the bankruptcy of a company. I have worked as a leader with the highest executive power as well as a subordinate without any executive power, so I fully understand the needs, situations, and objectives of both sides.

With my knowledge, experience and exploring of new paths, I would like to encourage and support employees in various organizations to appreciate their own potential and take responsibility for their own development, strengthen entrepreneurial thinking, to be innovative, cooperate with trust and evolve leadership and co-create the way people work, in a manner
friendly to people and nature. I believe that everyone can be a leader if they work responsibly and passionately, in accordance with their values and for the good of the community.

I worked as a leader with the highest executive power and as a subordinate with no executive powers so I understand well the situation and objectives of both sides.

Developer in the company Eti d.d., director of the company Oria Computers Ltd., Director of the Competence Development in Trimo Group, President of the Management Board of the Svea d.d. and Acting Director of the Center of Business Excellence of Faculty of Economics. 

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Organization. I have gained experience as a developer at Eti d.d., the director of Oria Computers d.o.o., the director of competence development at Trimo Group, the president of the management board of Svea d.d., and as the acting director of the Centre for Business Excellence of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Ljubljana. Currently I am a business consultant and developer of collaborative leadership in progressive enterprises.

I have established a number of new approaches, including the following: an innovative staff evaluation system; the net organization of a company; Inovatoria – Laboratory for Changes; knowledge catalogs and tests for individual jobs; the Trimo Leadership Alumni Club (TLAC); the Mini School of Leadership; the Mini School of Competences; etc.

I am a Gold Member of the Managers Association and a member of the Executive Committee of the Women Managers Section, a member of the Association of Supervisors of Slovenia, and a holder of the certificate required for membership in a supervisory board or board of directors.  I
was a member of the business board lead by the rector of the
University of Ljubljana, member of the Board of Directors of the ZRC
SAZU, a member of the Supervisory Board of Eti Elektroelement d.d.
and of RTCZ d.o.o.


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